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NEW! Articles on Jim McAfee

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Auburn Journal Article: Feature FRONT page article PAGE 2

3. Rossmoor Article: Your Body's Sign Language article

4. Smart Life Forum Newsletter on Your Body's Sign Language     [Abbreviated 11X14]

5. Auburn Journal Article: Your Body's Sign Language

6. Channel 31 TV Segment on Body Signs

7. Auburn Journal Article on Jim's Garden Tour   [PDF Version}

8. Health Professionals Council Information

9. Response to Dishing Up Nutrition Radio Show

10. Response to Seminar for Academy of Integrative Medicine


Jim McAfee's Book: Your Body's Sign Language

Jim McAfee, C.C.N., part owner of Image Awareness Wellness has recently published his book, Your Body's Sign Language: Clues to Nutritional Well-Being. It is now used as a great tool by many to identify health-related problems by understanding what the human body is trying to tell us we are missing. For more information, please click a link of interest below.

A. Flyers for Book Signings

1. Flyer Feb. 18, 2006: Autograph Party
2. Flyer April 22 2006: Autograph Party
3. Flyer May 6, 2006: Tower Books Book Signing

B. Press Release: Lucille McAfee

1. Introduction Letter by Lucille McAfee to the Press

C. General Flyers
1. 2 page Flyer: "A Unique Presentation" audience feedback
2. Response Sheet
3. Reader Feedback with pullout box "Sherlock Holmes of Nutrition" illustration
4. Sherlock Holmes Generic Flyer on Jim McAfee

D. Coupon Flyer
1. Book: Special Offer $25 coupon

F. Graphics and Photographs
1. Photo of Jim with Book

2. Word Document: Jim's Press Release
3. Article Request for Jim McAfee

E. Other Book Marketing Materials

1. NEW: Brochure on Your Body's Health Indicators:

A PDF Check off list of your body's signs from "Your Body's Sign Language" book.

Click here to download PDF.

2. Book's Website:


3. Book Cover:

View the cover of the book

4. Promotional Piece:

View a promotional piece on the book

5. Book Insert:

Click here for the NEW Insert for the book

6. Autograph Signing:

View the invitation to autograph signing

7. Press Release:

Click here for the Press release


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